With increasing interest in Man-made stone each year, The Concrete Service offers dozens of options tailored to enhance your unique style. We offer contemporary, affordable Man-made Stone Veneer that enhances the beauty of your home. The Concrete Service has everything from a modern, uniform looking castle stone to a unique ledge rock for added architectural interest. Each piece will be a little bit different than the next — dark rich hues blended with lighter colors throughout, providing visual contrast between each distinctive piece. The Concrete Service will provide you with the most customizable dream home possible!

We can supply your project with many choices of Man-made Stone Veneer in a timely manner. There is a reason why Man-made Stone Veneer has become a favorite among the most discerning architects, designers and home builders alike: aesthetically pleasing, yet uncompromising on quality. Your next home-improvement project should start with Man-made Stone Veneer.