Finish or Repair Your Masonry Project

Sometimes an aging structure needs a little facelift during its lifetime, or a new masonry structure will require a sealant to protect against the elements. As strong and durable as both natural stone and manufactured stone products are, sometimes Mother Nature and hard use can wear down that beauty and luster. The Concrete Service can provide you with the products that will provide excellent protection against the toughest outdoor exposure conditions. You can even apply an invisible protection sealant without changing the surface appearance or leaving a sheen.

Looking to add beauty to your outdoor surfaces? You can enhance the look of your stonework with the right sealant by bringing out the color of its natural beauty.

Whether your project is refurbishing a 20 year old parking ramp or sealing a brand new garage floor, we have the products and knowledge required to do it right.

Selected Suppliers
Euclid Chemical Company
Grace Construction Products